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Well,it's that time of year again! We're all so busy with kids activities, work and making sure no one is left out we sometimes neglect ourselves. It's ok to get a power nap in if at all possible. Remember to eat as  regular as possible. Be smart in your snack choices. Berries are a wiser choice than a apple or banana if your watching carbs. Make a to do list every evening for the next day and stick to it. Don't overload, 5 is a good number, You'll feel in control when you see your progress. If possible make any hair or nail appointments around the time you are attending a gala or just lunch with the girls. Our kids get so many presents, if you want to knock out two tasks at a time organize their toy box with them, tell them the toys they no longer play with could be really special for a child not quit as fortunate. We all need to keep in mind Harvey has affected a lot of families in our area, Any Church in your area should be fine accepting the donations. Take the kids with you, I think kids need to see the happiness they will receive by this simple gesture. If it's in your budget adopt a Harvey Victim family, your Church or Red Cross can help with that. Singing in the car sounds silly, my kids loved it. Make a Christmas CD. My daughters who are now Mom's tell me the rule of thumb is 4 gifts. Something they need,(underwear and socks), a new outfit or coat, a toy and last but my favorite a book. Every child is interested in something,a little research and you can find the perfect book. Instead of trying to fit individual friends to a holiday lunch or coffee, gather them together. Put yourself on a realistic budget and stick to it. You might want to consider a Christmas fund for upcoming years, put a specific amount in every payday and it will take some stress off. If this has been a rough year financially, you can bake a simple recipe. Cookies in a cute tin are perfect. If cooking is not your deal, no worries. Get bark chocolate in white chocolate and or dark and drizzle on a Pretzel. You can add sprinkles and bam you created a festive gift. For friends that have everything or it seems like it,frame a photo. You can bedazzle it with photo shop or just as it is. Priceless, the goofy ones are fun. Most important Smile, every person you come into contact with has something you can compliment them on, it could change a bad day to a great day, spread joy. Traffic will be daunting, wave and smile if you should get a unwanted hand gesture because you drove to slow. Be Happy and if you're good to your self then you have what it takes to be good to others. Make this a incredible Holiday Season for you and those you care about. Making memories, they last for a lifetime. Nothing can destroy them not, Ike, Harvey, earthquakes, tornado's and all the other tragedies we're faced with in our short stays on Earth can erase a lifetime built with with a foundation of Happy Memories.

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